Monday, 10 December 2012

Jeanette Sunderland - "liberal" democrat and nannying fussbucket


I can't bring myself to do anything but place the liberal here in inverted commas. I've lost count of the times when Jeanette - Lib Dem leader in Bradford - has said something along the lines of:

"I'm a liberal democrat not a liberal"

And today (although for some reason I can't find the story on the Telegraph & Argus website), Jeanette demonstrates the truth of this - she ain't a liberal she's a nannying fussbucket:

"I have been at meetings where several officers and the chair call for a break so they can go out for a cigarette. The rest of us are waiting, it is a lost opportunity to get things done."

This fussbucketry continues as Jeanette claims that these breaks cost "up to £500" and that us councillors shouldn't be breaking for a fag because we're now "going to have a say" on public health.

At a time when Bradford faces real challenges such as jobs and regeneration, it is pretty sad that nannying fussbucketry is all that comes to the mind of our "liberal" democrats.



SadButMadLad said...

Does she never take a coffee/tea break. Or is she such an extreme puritanical nannying fussbucket that she doesn't partake of such intoxicating liquors.

Leg-iron said...

What she delightfully misses is that while the antismokers are inside twiddling their thumbs and staring at the table, the smokers are outside continuing their discussion.

They won;t win in the end, they never have, and they have never, and will never, work out why.