Thursday, 24 January 2013

"Prohibition always leads to supply and demand..." Jake Phillips, 15


As this little unintended social experiment shows:

Acland Burghley School in Camden, North London, recently decided to implement a "water only" policy in a bid to improve health, pupils' concentration and, as a result, their grades.

However, some entrepreneurial kids have resorted to sneaking in the banned substances and selling them on to fellow pupils at "speakeasies", just like under Prohibition in the US, which ran from around 1920-1933. However, instead of alcohol, the desired goods are cola, lemonade, orangeade and energy drinks.

And the enterprising youngster explain why, too:

"...there is business potential now there's a gap in the market. Gangsters sold alcohol in America when that was banned. Prohibition always leads to supply and demand. That means anyone who sneaks it in can make a lot of money."

It's a shame that their teachers weren't so bright as to realise that this would be the exact result of their ban!

Even where it's pointed out the school's boss buries his head still further in the sand:

“Schools are responsible for showing young people that their own behaviour impacts on their health. We are extremely proud to be Camden’s first water-only school."
Seems nannying fussbuckets never learn!


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