Sunday, 27 January 2013

Quote of the day: "they of all people"


From the always readable and sometimes brilliant Heresy Corner:

...however much you disagree with Israeli policy in the West Bank and elsewhere (and I'm not a big fan) there is no valid comparison between an over-the-top security operation intended to preserve the territorial integrity, indeed the very existence, of the state of Israel, and the systematic attempt by the Nazis to wipe an entire people from the face of the earth. None.

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SadButMadLad said...

From the article, I also agree with this sentence. "Let me say to begin with that I've never been very keen on either the concept or the reality of Holocaust Memorial Day."

Why a just Jewish Holocaust day. Shouldn't we also have one for Tutsis. What about one for all the Russians who died under Socialism.

We could go one for every group, but then every day of the year would be a memorial day. So either we do all or none rather than pick and choose based on what's defined as "in" by those who are currently "in power".

asquith said...

I'm still disputing with various foes of "Zionism". None of them has ever answered the point I made in the comment thread there.

the problem isn't criticism of Israel, but the specific language used, as though "the Jews" were all the same and all responsible for what the state of Israel does.

The best refutation of this is the free and fair elections Israel holds, the most recent of which was a week or so ago and resulted in a decisive shift towards the centre and away from warlike and pro-settlement parties. None of the anti-"Zionists" has given the slightest acknowledgement of this. Why?