Monday, 28 January 2013

Yep, the Guardian does want poor people to stay poor.


As I observed the other day after a piece of nonsense about Peru and asparagus, the Guardian really does think that poor folk in the developing world should stay poor. A position they share with Oxfam and much of the international aid vampires.

The Guardian has confirmed this belief:

And it is pushing in an established direction of travel. At Davos last week, the World Economic Forum launched a report, Achieving the New Vision for Agriculture, advocating supporting subsistence farmers as "change agents". The peasant, declared dead only a year or two back, has been miraculously revived.

You see, the great and good daren't criticise the "100 charities and religious organisations" - they are sainted, above criticism. Were a prime minister, EU commisar or business leader to suggest that maybe a little more capitalism would be a better idea - that we apply the thing that made us rich to the task of making Africans rich - then a torrent of criticism and abuse would rain upon them.

The problem is that those "100 charities and religious organisations" are wrong and my (imaginary) prime minister is right. The prescription of the aid mafia is to subsidise poverty - to keep poor peasants as poor peasant.  Whereas I know that capitalism made us rich and it will make Africans rich too.



Edward Spalton said...

You are quite right. I always challenge guardianistas with a tendency to romanticise the peasant life.

" Will it be you and your children spreading the muck and hoeing the turnips?" I ask (or something like it)

Of course not! They see themselves in the Commissar class,

I then point out that the song "How I love to carry night soil (i.e. shit) up the mountain for the commune" was top of the "hit parade" in communist china for a decade or more - and suggest that they go and try it.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, said, “The Environmental Movement has evolved into the strongest force there is for preventing development in the developing countries.”
[Quoted in 'The great Global Warming Swindle' WagTV March 2007]