Thursday, 10 January 2013

You want real evil? A comment on the idea of banning e-cigs



You want real evil? What's truly evil is attempting to deny people addicted to a profoundly damaging substance the opportunity to transfer that addiction to a product most medical professionals rate as 99% harmless. The gathering European opposition to electronic cigarettes is the result of kneejerk cultural prejudice, puritanical vindictiveness, corporate collusion, and the unconscionable greed of tax authorities that won't be able to heap the same punitive, confiscatory, opportunistic duties on a product that doesn't hurt anyone.

Hard to disagree with a word of this.


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Pat Nurse MA said...

*Yawn* Hard to disagree but for the hyperbole "Profoundly damaging" ?!? That's why eciggers won't win and why they're losing allies on both sides of the war.

Let's have some real facts and not hysterical smokerphobia please.

The thing that has been lost through decade upon decade of propaganda is truth. Smoking is not good for you but how bad it is depends on which junk study is paid for by the Big Pharma controlled anti-smoker industry.

As a lifelong, from childhood to grannyhood, smoker, biological and anecdotal evidence tells me that smoking is no worse than many other products we consume every day and infinitely less damaging than alcohol - or sugar if you believe the nannies who say things like this about ecigs