Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A week's worth of government guidance for nannying fussbuckets everywhere!


I get a little e-mail from GOV.UK. It's a useful little thing that helps me with the trials of being a councillor. It also reminds me of the sheer fussbucketry of government. Here's a selection of today's government guidance, information and advice:

Late Night levy - Amended supporting guidance for licensing authorities on the late night levy.

Ah yes, that's a secondary tax on us enjoying a night out.

False ID Guidance - Guide to the legislation relevant to false ID, to the types of valid ID, and to what action should be taken when presented with false ID. 

Fighting crime you think? See that bit "...the types of valid ID" - you even need two forms of ID to sign on at the doctors when you move!

Section 19 Closure Factsheet - Explains the circumstances for serving a closure notice under section 19 of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001.

You mean you don't know about Section 19? This is the law that's used by police and council enforcement fussbuckets to close down pubs for whatever arbitrary reason they chose. And at whatever time.

Designated Public Place Orders Guidance - explains the powers given to local authorities in England and Wales to introduce designated public place orders (DPPOs).

DPPOs are those 'bans on public drinking' your local paper gets all excited about and your local council loves.
"It's not to say people can't be trusted to drink responsibly but it is about setting the right sort of tone. It's about tackling a minority of people who drink to excess and drink in a way which brings all of us difficulties."

Rubbish, it's about stopping people enjoying themselves because you disapprove.

And this is just one week's worth of government fussbucketry!

Now please don't tell me I live in a 'free' country. I'd like to but there are too many nannying fussbuckets who think it's just fine to stamp on, tax, arrest and generally get in the face of anyone who doesn't share their judgemental new puritan, disapproving, po-faced bigotry.



Colonel Shotover said...

If there were 326 MPs who thought like you Britain would be a much better place to live in. Unfortunately that's about 320 more than we've got at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Colonel, I think you have your numbers slightly wrong - it is about 327 more than we have.

Radical Rodent