Tuesday, 27 August 2013

In which the BBC trolls Councillors for a story...


I got a nice email from polling company ComRes asking me to answer a few questions. As Guido reports, these questions amount to trolling for a story:

The questions include:
  • asking if they think “climate change is not happening”
  • whether “Immigration has had a negative impact on Britain”
  • whether “legalising gay marriage will cost my party more votes than it gains at the next Election”
  • whether they support a ban on the burkha
  • whether Cameron and Osborne are “arrogant”
  • whether they support an electoral pact with UKIP

I suppose it's funny in a way - and there will be some colleague who hold some pretty whack views - but the BBC, who commissioned this, really should be ashamed of such a blatant attempt to troll for a nice silly season story using an opinion poll (paid for with tax money).


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