Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Quote of the day: on press (un)freedom


From Nick Cohen:

...you could see the mess liberal England has made of the very principles it is meant to defend. We now have more than 100 journalists and newspaper sources under arrest for allegedly breaking the existing law. The coercive arm of the state, has taken advantage of the climate of liberal hysteria to tell any public servant, who thinks of speaking to the press, that they will end up in the dock. Now thanks to Leveson and virtually every power-grabbing MP in Parliament, we are going to have state-sponsored press regulation as well. 

I never dreamt that we'd see parliament acting to muzzle the press - either to prevent celebrities being revealed as fans of buying blow jobs, cocaine or spanking or, perhaps more importantly, stopping journalists from exposing how our "security" services routinely run a coach and horses through the idea of democratic accountability.

As I've said before: welcome again to the new fascism.


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