Monday, 28 October 2013

Brandon Lewis gets it right on fast food!


We have a new hero:

Britain’s struggling high streets need fast food restaurants which are ‘massively important’ to millions of shoppers, a Tory minister has claimed.

Brandon Lewis, the new high streets minister, said it would be ‘wholly wrong’ for the Government to try to ban junk food from town centres.

Absolutely right. Brandon even used some old fashioned insults to describe proposals to ban or otherwise prevent fast food shops on high streets - "socialist" he called them.

Fast food simply isn't the problem (and never has been). Most people don't live on McDonalds or KFC for the simple fact they can't afford to - if they're obese it's because of what they've got in the fridge and in the cupboards at home.


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Curmudgeon said...

A lot of Twitter snobs have taken exception to this, though. Do they expect High Streets to be lined with wool shops, craft beer bars, delicatessens and organic cafes?