Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Health fascism - coming to a school near you.


I posted an example from Canada the other day. Well this is closer to home - in Essex:

Please do not put any drink other than water in your child's packed lunch box as they will not be able to drink it at school. 

And, whereas the Canadians landed parents with a fine ($5 per sin) this school simply snatches the carton of juice from the child's hands:

Carly Nunn, 26, claimed her five-year-old daughter, Teagan, had her drinks snatched by a dinner lady.

She said: "She put a straw in the carton and took one sip and it was taken off her and put in the bin.

"The next day, I put it in a bottle, but it was tipped onto the table to check the colour." 

Such a caring, encouraging and supportive environment. One parent who complained got this:

 "We spoke to the head about it and she just offered us a transfer form." 

 And why is the school behaving so badly? Other than because they are a bunch of nannying fussbuckets it appears that they want to win a prize:

In a letter to parents, headteacher Elizabeth Chaplin said the new rule was part of a campaign to win a London Healthy Schools Award. 

Awful. Indefensible. But this school is not alone.



Ivan D said...

I don't think that the phrase health fascism is at all out of place in this case.

The actions of this Head are disgusting but they are merely symptomatic of the vile authoritarian culture that public health extremists and their allies in all political parties have striven so hard to create.

Tobacco control really was the thin end of a socially destructive wedge that is undermining the public's faith in politicians, teachers doctors and other establishment figures. It will end in big tears unless we stand up to the bullies.

Anonymous said...

This is theft, pure and simple. I hope that the person responsible for taking this child's drink is prosecuted

Yvonne said...

What about this? Police respond to a 999 call because a baby was not wearing a coat!