Friday, 11 April 2014

Speaking up for better schools in Labour's education chief attacks him


The Principal of Bradford successful family of academies has said some wise things about education in the city - he does so from the position of being in charge of some of the best schools in the District:

Every school should become an independent academy, says a Bradford principal, because Council schools cannot match their results.

Nick Weller, head of the five Dixons academies in the city, said local authorities lacked “democratic accountability” and should not oversee schools. Instead, they should all be run by academy chains, which had proved – in Bradford and elsewhere – that they could turn around failing schools more quickly.

And to make his point, Mr Weller describes how the Dixons approach has transformed one of Bradford's worst performing secondaries:

 “For 15 years it had been on the slide and had been in special measures for the longest time of any school in the country – from 2002 all the way through to 2006. It was a very, very different school. There’s no evidence that a local authority would have that impact.” 

The City's education leadership should be sitting down with Mr Weller, talking about how to spread the success and achievement of his schools. Instead Ralph Berry, the children's services insider Labour has put in charge, chooses the approach of insult:

Mr Weller has a puritanical, ideological streak on this one. 

Seems Ralph's membership of 'The Blob' is now assured!

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