Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Belle Vue - a lesson in Labour's misplaced priorities.


"A significant minority demonstrate scant regard for rules, respect for their environment or courtesy to themselves and staff.

"Several examples of such behaviour were witnessed during the inspection including students swearing and shouting out negative comments about the school."

It said some students were worried others would make fun of them if they work hard.

Referring to the IEB installed by the Council, the report said: "They have not challenged senior leaders well enough about the school's performance, and hold them to account for the school's decline." 

This from an Ofsted report on a school in Bradford - a school that can take nearly 1000 pupils but has fewer than 550 - is pretty dreadful. And let's remember that the Council had already sacked the board of governors in installed its own chosen governors.

This is the problem with Bradford's schools - not stopping free schools, trying to block academies or acting as the mouthpiece of the NUT. Yet that's what Bradford's Labour leadership focus on.


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