Friday, 19 January 2018

Quote of the Day: Dry January is puritan finger-wagging

From Sophie Artherton in the Morning Advertiser:
If someone needs to be enabled to take control of their relationship with alcohol, or they drink so much that they need a whole month off from drinking, I’d call that a drink dependency problem. By its own definitions Dry January​ isn’t fit to solve that.

If Dry January​ isn’t about ‘alcohol dependency problems’ then what it amounts to is puritan finger pointing at people who enjoy a drink. Those behind the movement seem to want us to believe that anyone and everyone who drinks is at risk of becoming alcoholic, taking no account of the many reasons why some succumb to the disease.
Absolutely - Dry January is just another tool from the temperance movement to demonise drinking and we should reject it totally.


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Manx Gent said...

I'll drink to that!