Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Now this is why I give to charity!


RNID to look at name change in £260,000 rebrand

Yes, that's right the well known charity for the deaf wants to spend your charitable gift on paying blokes with ponytails loads of cash to work out a new name and design a new logo. I just know those coffee mornings, those marathons, those sponsored silences and Mrs Smith's legacy raised cash for RNID.

But then what do we expect from an organisation run by this woman:

RNID appointed Jackie Ballard as its chief executive in July 2007 after she had spent five years at the helm of the RSPCA.She had previously been a Liberal Democrat MP for Taunton, a county and district councillor for Somerset, and a further education lecturer and adult basic education organiser. Ballard has a BSc in social psychology from London School of Economics and spent one year studying in Iran. She is also a trustee of WSPCA.



JuliaM said...

Gaining public sympathy FAIL!

Phil said...

A liberal democrat? Euw...!