Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A symptom of the problems we PWC


A bunch of jumped up beancounters have announced - in that patronising manner developed over many years by "management consultants" - that the Government shouldn't consult the public because:

...they have "no real idea" what they are being asked to do and are ill equipped to participate.

After years of ever so clever people at places like PWC screwing the country over with overpriced advice, it takes a huge amount of gall for them to insult the public's capacity to understand this simple fact...

"...we are spending more money than we've got to spend and need to make some cuts. What should we cut?"

How hard is that? Shut up and go away PWC - your patronising, self-serving, statist rubbish has help nearly bankrupt the country. Can we leave it to real people for a change, please?


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