Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A World Shortage of Fairy this threatens the green economy

We underestimate the importance of fairy dust. Not only is it essential to the new green energy but it provides a critical fertilizer for the money trees we need to make that green economy operate properly. So we need to understand that there are limited sources for the fairy dust.

#Source One: Fairy dust from the deep mines of Aelfhame. This however would be a concern to those worried about human rights since the gnomes mining the dust are not, in any recognisable sense, free. Or for that matter paid since they are under Oberon’s geas for mooning at his daughters.
#Source Two: Treated moondust. Not strictly speaking fairy dust – I wouldn’t recommend running your Mini on this – but an acceptable substitute in most cases. However, you must go to the moon to get the dust (opting for a day when she isn’t green cheese and the man is away).
#Source Three: Manufactured or Synthetic Fairy Dust. There are many recipes for the dust all of which require complicated process, appropriate spells and careful timing. Even the most experienced thaumaturgical engineers have struggled to design systems much better than those used by an individual mage working alone.

The result of this is that we have a world shortage of fairy dust. For all it’s environmental credentials, there simply isn’t enough of it to provide the means of operating the fairyland economy proposed by the greens and their friends. And what little there is remaining has been carefully hidden and well-guarded by The Gentry.

We will have to go on – I fear – using real energy sources that actually work to get us about for the time being. Like oil, coal, gas and uranium. It’s a pity, I know, but what else can we do?


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Pam Nash said...

None of this affects me - I have my own Fairy Dust mountain. It's right next to my Jam Butty mine.