Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The planet's fine y'know!

Jack, do you never sleep ---
does the green still run deep in your heart?
Or will these changing times,
motorways, powerlines,
keep us apart?
Well, I don't think so ---
I saw some grass growing through the pavements today.

We speak too often of the problems of the planet when we mean - in our hubris - the survival of mankind. And yet, everywhere we look, we seek the victory of nature. The power, the strength of creation as it tears down the insult of man's edifices.

However much we may wish to conquer nature, we achieve only a temporary victory. The magic of growth will return regardless, trees will spring up, grass will grow and the birds will sing. You cannot win - you cannot defeat the planet.

This is not some green dream of mine - after all the modern green is further removed from nature than the nuclear scientist. Environmental purity - the idea of 'no growth' - is an insult to nature's magic, to her power. Because nature will win, we can enjoy our little moment of glory scratting on the surface of her planet.

The planet's fine and needs no political support.


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