Friday, 29 October 2010

Friday Fungus: Kathryn's mushroom tart

For now you're not getting the recipe. There are two good reasons for this: the first is that I didn't cook the tart, Kathryn did - I just ate it and it was lovely. The second is that - shall we say - a certain amount of creative interpretation was applied to what it says in the book!

Just look at that topping. See those pine nuts. Nope, not in the recipe at all (although the garlic and breadcrumbs were and the nuts went in because of a shortage of crumbs). And the filling - which I know you can't see in the picture - was supposed to be mushrooms, tarragon and marscapone but ended up with thyme and creme fraiche because we'd the wrong herbs and too little marscapone.

Kathryn also didn't spend an hour making cheese shortcrust pastry - preferring to follow the advice of Gary Rhodes and buy it from the shop ready-made (and then sprinkle grated cheese over it). And didn't bake it blind like the recipe said - life's too short for all that faffing about.

The result - a delicious, creamy mushroom filling for a fine tart with a great garlic and pine nut topping. Hard to argue with that really - wonderful!


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