Friday, 15 October 2010

Friday Fungus: Mushroom Art

It may be about the interaction between nature, about the environment and emphasising cycles of destruction and regeneration in nature but Chris Drury's "Mushrooms: Clouds" exhibition did feature some interesitng art made using dried mushrooms! As the writer of the exhibition brochure commented:
As the primary regenerators of soil in nature, but also poisonous agents of death, mushrooms are a metaphor for the cycle of destruction and regeneration in the environment. From mushroom spore prints to a sculpture that takes the form of a nuclear mushroom cloud; a multiple video works that explore cloud-like properties of smoke and water, Drury makes visible the subtle connections between art and environment.’
Although the exhibition has long finished there's now a book you can enjoy and it's reviewed here:
"He draws striking visual parallels between mushrooms (decomposers, remediators, life renewers) and bomb clouds (beyond the obvious, ya smarty pants)."

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