Thursday, 2 December 2010

All wasps are Glaswegian.....

Loved this from Leg-Iron.

"Drinking alcohol, well, even wasps do that. See them at the end of their season, gorging on fermenting fruit then picking a fight with whoever happens by even if they are a thousand times their size. Those insects are plastered when they waver around in front of you. If you could speak wasp you'd hear 'See you pal, you're fookin deid, so y' are. See me. See my arse. See sting. I've got a fookin sting in me arse, so I have. See you. You're gettin' it, so y' are.' All they are missing is the string vest and head bandage and evolution has made a start with stripes already. All wasps are Glaswegian, by the way. It's been proved by evolutionary scientists. I don't want to get all technical on a side issue, but I will tell you this. Being guttered is natural, so there y' are."

The rest of the post is good too.


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