Monday, 20 December 2010

Those moments

You know you get those moments? Instants of utter despair, hair-tearing upset and distress? Whatever it might be – a death, a financial crisis, a lost job…whatever. Nothing, no person can understand how you feel – the agony, the loss, the bleakness of tomorrow.

Those moments stood on the platform wondering whether a quick dive in front of the train would take it all away. The frisson of temptation as you cross the high bridge – thirty seconds of agony in exchange for an eternity free from mental pain.

Don’t tell me you don’t know those moments.

Such moments are the darkness of tomorrow – the negation of hope. If you must, the Devil’s temptation. Nothing comes of them – no peace, no happiness, no joy. And if you set such a moment in aspic by acting on its impulse, you serve no purpose in doing so.

We are not friendless, alone or deserted. If we sit on the stone and look out at the sea we’ll be embraced – not by the cold waves but by those we saw as enemies. By all means cry. But do not despair.

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Julian Dobson said...

I'm not sure what prompted this post, but you're right. Human beings are at their best when they're giving each other hope, and reasons for hope.