Friday, 4 February 2011

On "...defending the execrable Mr Jeremy Clarkson."

That intelligent, ever-so-slightly-grumpy and ever more lefty blogger, Billy has reluctantly turned his talent to the defence of Jeremy Clarkson (who I gather was rude about Mexicans). I say reluctantly...well here's Billy's intro:

It is with heavy fingers that I press my keyboard into the service of defending the execrable Mr Jeremy Clarkson and his infantile television programme, “Top Gear”. He, and his fun-filled comrades on this boy racer, climate-change-denying apology for a waste of my licence fee and pollution of the air waves, were having a jolly spot of repartee about a Mexican sports car.

Taking damning with faint praise to stratospheric levels there! Now "Top Gear" isn't the programme is was - the jokes wear a little thin and Jeremy gets to be more and more a self-caricature. But on the sticking it to the eco-loons bit, I'm with Clarkson - we've have quite enough of the "we're all doomed, look at the weather" propaganda on the BBC, so one programme that occasionally takes the piss out of eco-warriors and climate change nutters is welcomes. So I say...

Go, Clarkson, Go! Rev up that gas guzzler and entertain us!


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