Monday, 28 March 2011

The meaning of violence...


Seems that some on the left are stuggling with the meaning of words - now I may be in the Humpty Dumpty camp but I do like a nice definition - here's the Concise Oxford Dictionary:

Violence n. Quality of being violent; violent conduct or treatment; outrage; injury (do ~ to, act contrary to, outrage: (Law) unlawful exercise of physical force; intimidation by expression of this.

Violent a. 1. involving great physical force...2. involving unlawful exercise of force...3. intense, vehement, passionate, furious, impetuous, vivid...4. Hence ~ly

It seems to me that putting a brick through a window confirms entirely with this definition of violence and violent!


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Anonymous said...

Every year lately it seems they give a list of words to be removed from Oxford Dictionary, last year was included on the list of removed words those of a religious nature they felt nobody needed to use nor to learn about if young and in school. Then they add new words and switch around definitions to conform to modern interpretations. I guess this newspeak will result in the word "violence" being changed one year soon from how it currently stands to something referring to "thought crime of middle to conservative thinkers" and eliminating any association with selfish leftist demands and destructive demonstrations. Perhaps those they can include in the definitions of loving, caring and thoughtful. After cleansing, then the school children will be safe from thinking bad thoughts about leftists and only support criticism and eventual physical destruction taken out against normal people who will suffer and pay the price. That will be defined as "progress" and "progressive" policy will have triumphed. This is a sad state of affairs and where the lunacy and denial of the left is taking us. That is my belief.