Friday, 15 April 2011

Campaign Diary: Day Ten - it's not junk mail!!

Cottingley Cornerstone Centre
Out delivering leaflets in Cottingley - targeting the Flower Fund Homes as the postal votes will start landing soon. Dropped a leaflet at one bungalow which had the "no junk mail" notice in the window. I got a couple of doors further along and the old chap at that house came out waving the leaflet.

"Oh dear" thinks I "what's this?"

The old bloke points to the 'no junk mail' sign and says:

"It gets my dog going, that's why I have it."

I tell him who I am and explain that the leaflet's my election address - he takes the leaflet back:

"You've got my vote certainly. I used to be branch secretary in West Ward years ago. We've got to get those bastards out."

So there you are, it's official - my leaflet's not junk mail!!


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