Friday, 6 May 2011

Campaign Diary: The Result!


After what can only be described as the most shambolic count I've seen in 35 years of political campaigning - whoever thought putting ballots for three different elections in the one box would work needs a good talking to - I got a result. And it was a good one!

Bingley Rural

Beckwith (Labour)        1456
Cooke (Conservative)   3280
Newman (Green)           428
Sykes (LD)                    423

Conservative Majority: 1824
Turnout: 43.1%

Worth all the effort I think - from me and the trusty band of deliverers, canvassers and other supporters. And especially down to the effort of my wife (and pressganged agent), Kathryn.

Finished off with a glass of champagne - thank you Lee - back at the ranch. Don't often open the fizz at 6 o'clock in the morning mind! Worth it for getting nigh on 60% of the vote in a four way contest!



Anna Raccoon said...

Hearty congratulations Simon, a well deserved reward for all your hard work.

Shades said...

Congratulations Simon. Sadly Leeds has fallen to Labour but on a happier note our local sitting quasi-independent got the boot.

SadButMadLad said...

Double win. First on AR and now in real life! Well done.

We had two boxes at our polling station for three elections. One plain, the other green. Still caused some confusion for some voters ahead of me as they weren't labelled well.