Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hard to disagree with any of this...


From the ever admirable Mr Worstall:

...the Labour Party needs to be trampled into the dust. The buildings razed, the population sold into bondage and the land ploughed with salt. It is sweet and necessary for us to kill our enemies and to hear the lamentations of their women.

This does not apply to those who would champion the rights of the workers in our economy, nor to those who would have a more social democratic polity, those who desire more equality nor even those obsessed with the isms….feminism, anti-racisms, genderism and the rest.

It applies solely to the Labour Party. For deep within its primordial brain, in the recesses which produce the knee jerk reactions, the Labour Party is wrong.



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Anonymous said...

Labour is a good lesson in how not to run a country, into the ground in their case. All this nanny statism of theirs too will not look good from the historical perspective later on. Other parties should take note that the shift Labour took toward no longer representing their constituents while engaging itself in arrogant authoritarianism cloaked in health, safety and security as their excuse will not play well in the public eye should we be sitting at one of those epochal moments in history, when paradigm shifts make the traditional view of party differences no longer applicable. If it happened to Labour, it could happen to other parties as well, if they are unresponsive to the beat and tempo of the common mood being felt by many and fail to represent those interests in governorship.