Thursday, 16 June 2011

Some carbon emissions for Cullingworth people to enjoy!

This is the chimney for the flare at Manywells, the former landfill site at Cullingworth. This is the end of a process whereby the methane gas generated by the decomposition is collected and burned at around 1000 degrees centigrade. When we visited a couple of days ago it was working - you could feel the heat as you stood near the chimney and see the hazy air above the top of the chimney.

For Cullingworth residents this is brilliant - mostly because we no longer have a closed landfill site that is unstable and contaminating the surround countryside. The beck is running clean and the only birds in evidence were swallows - no gulls, not one. Although the site remains closed - there's still some work going on and there remains some risks associated with gas - it is on a path towards being an asset to the villages rather than a smelly eyesore. At the minute it isn't going to win any prizes as a view but once the planting is completed and established it should quickly become more attractive.

And - probably in three years or so - we'll be able to get onto the top and enjoy this view:



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