Monday, 13 June 2011

You're all right, Ian!

Dave Prentiss, the highly-paid leader of Unison is leading the charge:

'It will not be one day of action. We know that won’t change this government’s mind. It will be long-term industrial action throughout all our public services to prevent destruction of our pension schemes.'

Yes, that's right. The pensions of public sector workers are being ripped away, cast aside - there will be thousands of retired clerks starving in the gutters. Revolution will fill the air...

...perhaps not - the dispute is over:

Treasury plans to increase public sector staff pension contributions by an average of 3% from next year.

In order that public servants may - in one form or another - maintain a vastly better pension scheme than the rest of us mere mortals (the one's who, working in the private sector, actually earn all the money) they are being asked to pay a few quid more in contributions. Sounds like a deal to me!

And all this while Mr Prentiss - supported with enthusiasm by Labour Councillors - ensures that member subscription aren't paid out on anything prosaic like the wages of union convenors:

But Bradford Council leader Ian Greenwood said at a time of massive threat, union representatives were clearly important to staff and to the Council as it negotiated through what he described as “the most difficult time our Council has ever seen”. 

So it's OK that, while we shut down libraries and swimming pools, Bradford Council should spend half-a-million pounds on subsidising unions? Cllr Greenwood wouldn't be a member of Unison now, would he?
Nothing changes. The Labour Party will always put the interests of its pals running the unions ahead of the public.


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