Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bradford Council prefers front line cuts to back office savings...


Yesterday we witnessed Cllr Greenwood, our esteemed leader, spluttering and struggling to justify the closing of swimming pools at full council. I guess dear old Ian never expected to get heckled by the public upset at what his leadership is doing - lovely to see a Labour politician revealing his distrust of the public by calling them a "mob" and "here just to make trouble".

And, in serendipitous co-ordination, the Council announced (although by way of a note on the website rather than a debate in the Council Chamber) that it is giving up on securing back office savings through collaborative working with other public sector organisations:

Earlier this year Bradford’s 'Place Based' Collaborative Working Programme closed, which means there is no longer any formal steering of collaborative working between participating partner organisations in the district.

So there you have it - Bradford's Labour leadership prefer cuts to front line services to creating back office savings through collaboration and joint-working.



Bandit 1 said...

Well, yes. And I would be one surprised motherf****r if the same wasn't happening up and down the land. But what does Joe and Jane Public, in the main, understand about the situation?

-That TEH CUTS are solely and exclusively down to 'im in Number 10, because this is what Tories always do. Out of spite, presumably.

Thank you, liberal media. Hindering understanding and obfuscating meaningful discourse to the detriment of all, as ever.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"...Bradford's Labour leadership prefer cuts to front line services to creating back office savings..."

No shit, Sherlock?