Saturday, 23 July 2011

GPs are acting in their business interest on this, not the interests of patients


The GP bit of the British Medical Association - with the Law Society, Britain's most effective trade union - is in a froth about competition. The GPs don't like it. This is because it might mean the practice owners will have to work a little harder for all that cash or else someone else might come and steal away all those lucrative patients!

Speaking after July’s meeting of the BMA’s general practitioners committee, chairman Laurence Buckman said there was “discomfort” from GPs about the plan. He said it amounted to “enforced competition”.

He said: “The implication is ‘go and look to someone outside the NHS to provide services that are currently inside the NHS.’”

In short competition is good news for patients and bad news for doctors, NHS managers and other vested interests currently cashing in royally from our system of healthcare.

That is why the GPs oppose competition.


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