Friday, 19 August 2011

Not exactly a nation of drunks - but we like a tipple!

Benenden Healthcare has done a little survey - have no idea about its provenance - into the drinking habits of Brits. And they've found this out;

In liquid terms, the average Brit will down more than 5,800 pints during their adult lifetime, as well as 8,700 glasses of wine and 2,900 bottles of cider - translating to around 456 drinks a year, costing £962. They will also suffer from 726 hangovers.

I was especially taken by the hangovers figure - after all we're banging the stuff down. That's about ten a year - assuming we live to a decent age. The research tells us we start on the gloriously slippery slope at age 14 and that most people - 57% - prefer to drink at home rather than down the boozer.

Sadly, the fussbuckets at Beneden Healthcare see this as evidence of our "dysfunctional" relationship with alcohol:

Andrew Meredith, Medical Director at Benenden Hospital, an independent hospital and subsidiary of the Society, said: ‘This survey highlights the dysfunctional relationship many of us have with alcohol. The results can be seen in our town centres every week-end, in A&E departments where alcohol related conditions and injuries are a large part of the workload and the increasing numbers of admissions with alcohol related liver disease.’

Oh shut up already, will you. We get enough of that from the government.


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