Friday, 19 August 2011

The riotous looters were delightful weren't they!


From a report in Inside Housing:

Homeless people in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool were robbed and beaten, according to homelessness charities operating in affected areas.
In Manchester three rough sleepers had their bedding set alight, one rough sleeper was attacked and another was beaten and had his mobile phone, money and laptop stolen.

In Birmingham a rough sleeper’s jaw was broken in an assault, another was threatened with a knife and a third was forced to go looting by rioters but escaped because he was too slow to keep up with the mob.

In Liverpool homelessness outreach teams said they found rough sleepers with black eyes and cuts but that the victims would not identify their assailants. The city’s YMCA said it had homeless people coming in complaining of ‘violent threats’ from rioters.

Thames Reach, a London-based homelessness charity, said it had received reports of a rough sleeper being mugged in Lewisham.

Terrible stuff (although one wonders about a rough sleeper with a laptop and a mobile phone and about the truth of "being forced to go looting").


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