Friday, 9 September 2011

...about that public sector pay

Seems like the private sector is still taking most of the pain:

Take home pay in the public sector has increased, showing annual growth of 1.7% for the three months to August, according to this month's VocaLink FTSE 350 Take Home Pay Index.

This contrasts with the private sector, where pay growth has declined for the second consecutive month, hitting 2.7% in August, down from 2.9% for the three months to July

Why am I not surprised.



Phil said...

Are they saying pay has declined in the private sector, or that the growth in pay has declined? Which would still mean private has grown more than public?

Yanto said...

I'm wondering where the rises are coming from. Staff pay has been pretty much frozen at the University I work at - we got a flat £150 increase, I suspect badly run councils and the quangocracy.