Wednesday, 12 October 2011

...and you know Mr Straw, one of those parasites is your Party!


Former Home Secretary, Justice Minister and general opportunist politician, Jack Straw has been on about motor insurance:

Motorists are being fleeced of £2billion a year in unnecessary insurance costs caused by money-grabbing ‘parasites’ and ‘dodgy solicitors’ whose actions are little short of criminal, MP’s were told yesterday.

Former Home Secretary Jack Straw took a swipe at lawyers, claims firms, garages, credit hire firms and others engaged in a controversial cash-for-contacts referral fee ‘racket’ which he said in any other walk of life would be condemned as ‘bribery.’ 

Absolutely Jack! So why is it that one of those organisations involved in this "cash-for-contacts referral fee racket" is the Labour Party?

If Flint Bishop Solicitors accepts a personal Injury instruction from a client via Labour Legal Services, Flint Bishop will pay the Labour party a referral fee of £250 + VAT for each instruction.

A nice little earner eh Jack!


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