Monday, 10 October 2011

It's a Councils need Chief Executives?


I'm not yet convinced but Wiltshire County Council might have hit on an idea:

Wiltshire Council will operate without a chief executive after the authority ‘deleted’ the post.

As part of a radical management restructure which will see the departure of current chief Andrew Kerr within weeks, it has also reduced the number of corporate directors from five to three in a bid to save £1.4m by 2015.

Since leadership should come from members (don't all rush), is the Chief Executive role limited to the management and direction of senior officers?  Thoughts welcome!



Shades said...

Bring back the Town Clerk!

It is worth £50k/year, no more.

Clarissa said...

Ideally all management should be done via elected politicians rather than appointees with the jobs being up for renewal on a yearly basis...