Monday, 19 December 2011

The lunatics are definitely in charge at the Guardian!


Communism wasn't all bad, you know. Forget the mass murder, the suppression of dissent, the imprisoning of opponents, and the impoverishment of millions. There is this:

Havel's anti-communist critique contained little if any acknowledgement of the positive achievements of the regimes of eastern Europe in the fields of employment, welfare provision, education and women's rights. Or the fact that communism, for all its faults, was still a system which put the economic needs of the majority first.

People at the Guardian still believe this rubbish?



Phil Ruse said...

That's the exact same passage that caught my eye. Surely someone at The Guardian must wince when they read this stuff?

Samizdatblog said...

Have you ever lived or spent time in a communist or former communist country? Your blindness confirms this.

Anonymous said...

The real truth about communist dictatorships and what resulted from them should be taught early on in school instead of diversity classes typically aimed at making communism and other bad ideas sound good to impressionable young people, although it may already be too late as the horse is out of the gate and too many have been indoctrinated as it is.

Pat Nurse MA said...

I know a family living in Communist Hungary who knew that freedom was the most important thing above all else. Without it, nothing has value.

With much regret, the two sons left their homeland and their parents to live in Canada with a relative who had escaped after the uprising of the 1950s of ordinary people - many were executed because of their part in it.

They would not, could not, live in a land that was not free. Since the wall came down and Hungary embraced democracy, they have returned.

Ask them if they want to go back to a communist state and they will give a resounding NO!