Tuesday, 6 December 2011



...or what?

Human resources director Rita Colucci and health services staff were scheduled to meet with a sampling of students yesterday to gauge their interest in a smoke-free campus. While there are no other meetings planned, Magazu said the school might do more public vetting around campus if the idea gains traction.

...a "sampling of students"!

Not this sample, I guess...

Some students on campus yesterday — even non-smokers — weren’t supportive of curtailing smoking, though.

“I don’t even notice it,” said senior Michelle Beecoff, who doesn’t smoke. “A couple of my friends are smokers – I know they’d be pretty pissed.”

“We’re in college,” said junior Alyssa DeAngelo, also a non-smoker. “They shouldn’t be banning it.”

Let me guess what happens!



Leg-iron said...

Looks like the EU approach. They voted against it, so let's make them vote again.

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen is what already's happened all over the area in which I live, which for all college campuses, it will be banned, including outdoors, everywhere, no exceptions and everyone taught to be on the lookout for anyone who dares break the ban to keep everyone conformed to the dictat given from the top down. The posters will be everywhere, as if it's the most important thing in the world.

If that is the way college students are indoctrinated to behave now, then I hate to see twenty years out when those same students sit in seats of authority and take conformity to bans and diktats another step further - all normal you see by then - everyone conformed to obey, mindlessly, the will of the state.

There was an old movie called The Conformist, about Nazi Germany during the war and how that bit of enforced conformity to the state mandated mindset worked out - and it was a very depressing film too.