Sunday, 11 December 2011

On Dave's veto...

Initial reaction:

"He didn't, did he? Where's the catch?"

Followed by:

"I don't believe it! Seriously, I never thought he'd do it. Wow!"

And then:

"YES!!!! Absolutely YES!!!"

Today the fall out (I've been listening to the BBC which unlike almost every other media outlet of note seems to take the view that being "isolated" is a bad thing, so bad we should just screw over the economy so as some jumped up little Frenchman still shakes our hands).

Mr Clegg is "very disappointed". Mr Cable might resign. And the BBC reports on unnamed "leading business people" who aren't happy.

I remain of the opinion that the proper response remains:

"YES!!! Absolutely YES!!!"



Frances Coppola said...

For once, I agree

Curmudgeon said...

In the words of Terry Smith, "So all the UK is isolated from is an impending disaster: the eurozone will fragment with countries leaving and debt defaults. It is like being as isolated as a man who failed to get onto the Titanic before it sailed."

Anonymous said...

was it rugby?

Anonymous said...

Sarkozy would do well to take heed of the fate of the last little jumped-up Frenchman that referred to England as a "nation of shopkeepers".

Honorio said...

Wow, at least the euroskeptics are happy. But I wonder why were you waiting for?