Thursday, 5 January 2012

...denormalisation doesn't work


So I guess it will be a total ban next!

Furthermore, whilst there has been a downward trend in smoking prevalence over several decades, this appears to have stagnated since 2007.

And what has happened since 2007? Chris Snowden provides a brief guide:

One of the world's most draconian smoking bans (2007). Graphic health warnings (2008). Adverts showing fish hooks severing the faces of smokers (2007, below). Massive tax rises (20% increase since January 2010). Counterfeit cigarettes openly sold in the street (2010). Nutters demanding outdoor smoking bans (2011).

Since 2007, the UK has sat proudly atop of the 'Tobacco Control Scale' league table. Like Ireland, Britain did everything the anti-smoking 'experts' said we should. What has been the reward? Stagnation.

Denormalisation simply doesn't work, we now have a situation where smoking (soon to be followed by drinking) moves from the public, visible and legal to to private, invisible and illegal. With the result that consumption rises - yes, rises (I say this with a modicum of confidence since at least a fifth of tobacco, probably more, is 'non UK duty paid').

It'll have to be a total ban won't it! But the politicians won't do that - a third of the population smokes.



Anonymous said...

I agree it is a third not the quarter touted by the health lobby who only take legitimate sales into account .

Simon Cooke said...

Or for that matter @Anonymnous people who lie

Anonymous said...

Exactly a lot of "secret smokers" now.

Chalcedon said...

It's between 21% and 23% of the poplation smoking in the UK not really one third. I think this is calculated by interview rather than sales because you can buy what you like.

Simon Cooke said...

@Chalcedon - you are right that it is self-reported via survey (and I think the figues underestimate - people tend to lie about sin!). However, it is true that a third of 16-24 year old report being smokers (well 32%).