Thursday, 26 January 2012

More on the need for benefits reform...


Some readers may be familiar with Debbie Purdy the 'right-to-die' campaigner but she's been in the news again. This time the campaigning lady was in the Magistrates' Court for non-payment of Council Tax. And, while there she said this:

...benefits officials told her on five occasions that she would get more money if her musician husband Omar Puente stopped working.

“It is outrageous. The benefits system is supposed to be a safety net, not a hangman’s noose,” she said.

The couple’s benefits were recently reviewed and officials told them if her husband was unemployed they would get further benefits such as free council tax, free prescriptions and help with paying the interest on their mortgage. 

Tell me again about having a system that rewards working?



Michael Fowke said...

The problem is that millions of jobs need to be created first.

Anonymous said...

The Socialist ideal is a state in which no-one needs to work; all may depend upon benefits, if they so wish, paid for by the simple expedient of taxing “the rich” (which would mean, in this Socialist Nirvana, anyone who has a job) to death - and then taxing them some more!. Of course, anyone who has a brain cell that is not thoroughly hog-tied by dogma will see the flaws inherent in this ideal; what I do not understand is why there are so many people who wish to believe it is possible.

Radical Rodent