Thursday, 2 February 2012

How the EU wastes your money... (a further installment)


In this case it's climate change nonsense combining with food fascism:

Our project will demonstrate the tool to define country-specific sustainable diets across the EU. Recognising the contribution of the food system to GHG emissions, the project will determine the composition of sustainable diets across the EU as an important contribution towards stabilising GHG concentration at a level that prevents global warming above 2 degrees celsius. The project will establish the viability of EU-wide introduction of the Plate by testing and evaluating the tool three pilot EU Member States - Sweden, Spain and France

There's a nice 51,750 Euro budget for this nonsense! Off you go folks and bid! The project is managed by those nice friendly people at the WWF:

WWF has recognised that the current food system has substantial impacts on the environment. As part of the One Planet Food programme we are looking at both production and consumption, and are working on seafood, soy, palm oil, meat and dairy, water and agriculture. We are aware that the current dietary habits of the developed countries are unsustainable and as more and more people start moving towards the developed world’s high livestock product diet the impact on the natural world will be magnified and will accelerate habitat destruction and climate change. This will be compounded by the growing concern around food prices since the 2008 and 2011 price spikes and global food security.

This is utter rubbish of course but that doesn't stop our European overlords and their favoured lobby friends like WWF from squandering our money on research of this kind. But right now, the European economy is crashing and burning, millions are out of work, businesses are folding and social services are under pressure.

There is no case for the research when we're flush with money - right now it's an insult.


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Anonymous said...

I imagine restaurants will be banned from serving traditional meals, groceries from selling traditional foods and cookbooks pre-dating the date new directives become effective will be banned with hefty penalties for not turning into government the contraband publications. Library shelves will be stripped bare from the recipes section and replaced only with approved versions that correspond to the standard food plating deemed acceptable. The reward will be a feeling of goodness and light amongst the early adapters who conform and encourage others to follow in kind. Then the world will be a lovely place.