Wednesday, 1 February 2012

More on our dysfunctional labour markets...


Highest rates of unemployment for a couple of decades and this:

...XpertHR's annual survey of graduate recruitment found that many employers faced barriers when trying to recruit graduates, with poor-quality applicants cited as the biggest problem. Four-fifths (80%) of those surveyed said they faced difficulties recruiting graduates due to a lack of skills, knowledge or the attitudes of the candidates.

Perhaps more worryingly, the second biggest problem employers faced when filling graduate roles was candidates accepting job offers then withdrawing from them, which more than two-fifths (44%) of organisations said they had encountered.

The findings are similar to last week's survey from the Association of Graduate Recruiters, which found that one-third of employers had failed to meet their targets on recruitment in 2010-11 because of a lack of candidates with the right skills.

Something isn't right is it?


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