Sunday, 25 March 2012

Let us also have fountains!

 Last night Bradford opened the new City Park and, as the man we gave directions to put it, 'all the fountains'. The City has done one of its most celebrated sons proud. J. B. Priestley will be looking down smiling today for these were his words:

I doubt if I ever saw one, even the smallest, without some tingling of delight.

They enchant me in the daytime, when the sunlight ennobles their jets and sprays and turns their scattered drops into diamonds.

They enchant me after dark when coloured lights are played on them, and the night rains emeralds, rubies, sapphires. And, best of all, when the last colour is whisked away, and there they are in a dazzling white glory!

Our towns are crammed with all manner of rubbish that no people in their senses ever asked for, yet where are the fountains?

By all means let us have a policy of full employment, increased production, no gap between exports and imports, social security, a balanced This and a planned That, but let us also have fountains - more and more fountains - higher and higher fountains.

Wonderful - go and see them! By day with children playing in them:

Or by night when we celebrate:


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