Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Union in self-interest shocker!


Construction workers union, UCATT is in a tizzy at a trial being undertaken by Home Housing Group that incentivises tenants to do their own small repairs:

A government scheme to encourage tenants to carry out their own repairs has been branded ‘dangerously flawed’ by trade union Ucatt.
The construction union said tenant cashback, which will allow tenants to claim back up to £500 for carrying out small DIY jobs, could expose tenants to asbestos or other health risks.

Steve Murphy, general secretary of the union, said: ‘Councils and housing associations employ qualified repairs and maintenance workers who should be undertaking this safety critical work.’

Concerns have also been raised about the quality of the work that might be carried out by tenants.

None of this concern, of course, has anything to do with the possibility that housing associations and councils might need fewer repairs and maintenance workers if the scheme is a success!



Botzarelli said...

Not to mention the benefits of encouraging tenants to take pride in and responsibility for where they live and to get the satisfaction of doing for themselves where they are able rather than just wait for the council to sort things out.

SadButMadLad said...

And it doesn't preclude tennents getting someone in who is qualified to do the work, such as a handyman. Except that such handymen (and women) aren't going to be members of UCAAT.