Friday, 4 May 2012

Bradford and the creature from the pit...


It was going to die. The good guys were ready and prepared to throw the full armory against the hideous, many-tentacled monster.

Limbs were hacked off, the indefatigable soldiers of right marched ever onwards - and then, a glimpse of victory! Slash, hack, crash, slash again. And the monster's head is severed.


But no - the creature rises again growing new tentacles in places the righteous army had not seen or known about. Even with its head removed, the gruesome creature from the pit continued to devour Bradford*!

What can we do to kill this beast!

*Despite all the hype, all the bus travel and all the shouting, Bradford will not be having an elected mayor and will be having a Labour Council with an overall majority. Seems George's predictions were slightly wrong!


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Anonymous said...

So, is Ian G's loss of his Little Horton seat a good thing or a bad thing?