Saturday, 12 May 2012

Do we like pubs or not?


Mintel have published (although I haven't seen the full report as it will cost loads of money) their market survey of pubs and stuff. And :

...found that more than twice as many people find it more enjoyable drinking in a pub than drinking at home.

So pubs are thriving then? People are flocking to those pubs? Not according to Mintel:

Despite Britons’ enjoyment of pubs, the research found that visits to pubs are falling. Mintel said that over six in ten adults over the age of 18 visit a pub regularly to drink. This is down from seven in ten people in 2007.

So there you have it - we like the idea of drinking in the pub but fewer of us are actually doing so! Mintel have a theory - it's down to the recession and cheap drink in supermarkets. Nothing to do with this then:

Three in ten people think it has been much more pleasant going to pubs since the smoking ban. 

Which I guess mean that 70% don't think pubs are "much more pleasant" since the smoking ban. So it's no surprise then that a dozen pubs close each week, is it!



Mr A said...

Yes, that's not a biased way of looking at the responses, is it?

You get 70% disagreeing that pubs are more pleasant since the ban, yet you decide to focus on the 30% that agreed and ignore that whopping 7 out of every ten responses.

God, I hate these people....

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Asking people if they'd enjoy drinking in a pub is the wrong question.

I'd prefer to drive an Audi S3, rather than the Fiesta I do have.

That doesn't mean I do.