Saturday, 5 May 2012

The very tippiest tip top of the tree

Most mornings, as I lie in bed watching the garden out of the window, I see this little bird. He flits into the frame made by the window and perches on the very tippiest tip top of the tree. And proceeds to shout his little head off about it.

I love that little bird. I love that he chooses to perch on the very tip top where everyone can see him. I love that he does it every day. And I love that he shouts about it.

It reminds me that little achievements, seemingly tiny things that we do are worth shouting about. So others have achieved wonders - won medals, written operas, sung for the Queen, governed great cities, invented geeky gadgets - but you've done something too! Somewhere there's the tiniest, teetering tip-top of a tree where you've perched. Somewhere where you've been top of the world.

Go on and shout about it!


1 comment:

Smoking Scot said...

It's a male bird and it has a viable nest site (not the top of the tree - but somewhere close).

Once it has a mate it'll sod off and leave you in peace.

Point taken however and, let's face it, the wee thing's staking it's all to pass on its genes.