Monday, 11 June 2012

It's not good that three out of ten people aren't satisfied with their local council is it?


This level of customer dissatisfaction in the private sector would lead to the sacking or directors, headline sin the business pages and angry words all round. And the survey reveals the public's low opinions of their council:

Opinions regarding council efficiency have also seen an improvement, rising to 52% satisfaction since June last year. 

The report here seems almost celebratory - nearly half the public think councils are inefficient! And there's more:

The survey found a 6% drop in the number of Britons content with the work done to keep residents informed of council services since 2010, a figure which now lies at 54%.

Similarly, the LG Insight Populus poll found that 45% of residents believe their council take account of public opinion during the decision making process, a figure that has fallen by 2% since 2010. 

So there you go council folks - much of the public think you're doing a pretty poor job. Yet no-one is castigating councils - calling for resignations, restructures of abolition - for being considered so ineffective.


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