Friday, 31 August 2012

Bradford Council should pay for photographs...


Rock snapper and occasional civil liberties campaigner Nick Pickles explains that Bradford Council is using 'licensing' to get top photography for free:
The issue of ‘rights grab’ contracts is one I’ve blogged about before, and the issue doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

In essence they are contracts that you sign to photograph a band and as a condition of that contract you transfer your copyright to the artist, often without limitation. A milder version is where the contract requires you to license your work for free, while you retain the copyright. Not a huge difference in practice - the root of it is they get to use your work for free.

This is wrong. These photographers are not filthy rich paparazzi but mostly semi-professional and self-employed folk. And Bradford Council is ripping them off by requiring:

 7. I agree to forward to the Bingley Music Live organisers a copy of all photographs taken by my organisation at Bingley Music Live 2012. Images to be supplied in JPEG format and at not less than 300 dpi
Bradford Council should pay for photographs and respect the livelihoods of hard-working photographers.


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