Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Homeopathy kills....


I wonder who persuaded this man to opt for homeopathy rather than the treatment his doctors prescribed?

A Respect party campaigner who died on the Bradford West by-election trail when his heart suddenly stopped had given up doctors’ orders of beta-blockers and turned to homeopathy instead, an inquest heard. 

Abu-Bakr Rauf was only 28 when he died - killed becasue he'd chosen to use homeopathy.

"He was told he should stay on them (the beta-blockers) and many a time this was reinforced, but he and his family decided they did not want to do that. He was told about the risks, but they decided to rely on homeopathic medicine,” said Dr Khan in her statement that was read out. 

Terrible, unnecessary and another reminder of homeopathy's dangers.



SadButMadLad said...

And linking homeopathy to the latest eggs scare .... a 'doctor' who published a 'paper' that 'proved' that homeopathy worked is the same one who is saying that cholesterol in eggs is just as bad as smoking.

Leg-iron said...

Eggs as bad as smoking? Haahahaha!

The Truth (from a scientist who has worked in the agricultural field forever) is that since the change in animal diets after the BSE scare, eggs are not high in cholesterol any more. They are, however, now a very good source of vitamin D.

Since hens are now routinely vaccinated against Salmonella, there's very little risk of that either.

So this 'doctor' thinks that homeopathy is good and eggs are bad.

I'd suggest listening very carefully to his advice and then doing the exact opposite.